This page summarises important factors for developer to consider from an Environmental Health perspective before submitting a planning application.

The Planning Department consults us, allowing us to comment on applications for development that could cause loss of amenity or nuisance.

We can request conditions to be attached to applications and will give informal advice on how to comply with relevant legislation.  The aim of these conditions is to protect public health and to prevent issues including noise, light and land potentially affected by contaminated, from causing problems after the development has been completed. Resolving such problems after completion of a development is generally more difficult and costly than preventing them in the first place.

Preventing future statutory nuisance

More detailed information about Statutory Nuisances is available on the Statutory Nuisance pages. Therefore, if after completion, a future planning application has the potential to result in complaints about a Statutory Nuisance, we may ask for information at the planning stage. This would be to assess the potential problem,…

Provision for drainage

In such instances, for small developments, a mini waste water treatment plant may be required with discharge to a local water course. This must be agreed with the Environment Agency and the relevant permissions or permits granted. In circumstances where it might be possible to connect a new development to…

Air quality assessments

The cumulative effects on air quality due to numerous developments needs to be properly considered. The Sussex Air Quality Partnership has developed Air Quality and Emissions Mitigation Guidance Information about the air quality in the Rother area is available from Sussex Air

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