At busy periods such as Polling Days and the Annual Canvass we rely on a pool of dedicated additional staff to support the democratic process.

Applicants may be added to a database to be contacted about election specific roles.

Being accepted onto our database does not guarantee that you will be offered a post.

  • Election roles are paid on a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) basis, which means that tax may be deducted from earnings. If you are not a tax payer you will be responsible for claiming the tax back from HMRC
  • Any work that you do may affect any state pension or benefit that you receive. You will be responsible for telling your pension or benefit provider about your earnings
  • Any work that you do  may affect  how much tax that you are required to pay. You will be responsible for telling HMRC about your earnings

Election Day Vacancies

Polling station staff ensure that voters are able to cast their vote in secret, free from influence and in a calm atmosphere. If you are a good communicator, methodical and quick to learn, apply to work in one of the many polling stations across Rother:

Poll Clerk

Poll Clerks work under the direction of the Presiding Officer, who is an important interface between the public and the Returning Officer. They assist with keeping the polling station clean and tidy, answer electors questions and hand out ballot papers.

Presiding Officer

Presiding Officers are experienced polling station staff with a comprehensive knowledge of the voting process and electoral law. They must be able to manage a small team of poll clerks, ensure that people with additional needs can cast their vote, liaise appropriately with tellers, party agents and polling station inspectors and maintain the secrecy of the ballot.

Count Staff

Count Staff: Once voting is over ballot papers are taken to the counting station, where they are checked, sorted and counted, by hand. Some counts start at 10pm in the evening, others during weekdays or on Saturdays. Count staff must be able to quickly sort and count ballot papers working under the direction of a Senior counter.

Annual Canvass Vacancies

Each year the Electoral Registration Officer is required, by law to conduct an annual canvass. The aim of the Canvass is to gather information about who lives in our Electoral Area, to help keep our Electoral Register accurate. Each household in Rother is sent a “Household Enquiry Form”, usually in late Summer. If we do not get a response we are required to send a Personal Canvasser to visit the property. Canvassers play a key role in helping electors complete their Household Enquiry Forms.

Canvassers are usually employed October to end of November. Interviews and training may start from September.

To express an interest in any of these roles, please click the button below to complete our online form.

Job descriptions and pay rates are indicative only and subject to change.

If you have any questions about anything on this page, or if you need adjustments to the recruitment process in line with the Equality Act 2010, please send us an email.


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