The District Council’s Emergency Planning Service ensures that the Council is prepared to respond to any major emergency which occurs within the Rother District, in support of neighbouring authorities and emergency services and to respond to national disasters should they occur.

In the event of a major emergency the point of contact is:

Emergency services – 999

Town Hall Switchboard – 01424 787000 (local authority services)

Out of Hours duty officer – 01424 787868

Please note: Lines are usually extremely busy so please be aware your call may be held in a queue

You can also keep up-to date on social media;



Joined-up working

Rother District Council Emergency Planning Team have linked up with all of the other 14 Local Authorities across the whole of Sussex to create a cross-Sussex support network in the event of an Sussex county emergency.

As part of this process we have developed a mutual aid agreement, seamless operating procedures and compatible response arrangements between Local Authorities to assist emergency services and bring swift and professional help to residents of the district or the two counties of East and West Sussex.

We continue to promote town and parish and community planning and offer support to the development of local plans.

As part of our responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act we maintain generic plans for a response to a major emergency, specific plans for some individual situations and a Business Continuity Plan to ensure the Council can operate in the event of a disaster which may also affect the council services.

Our links with our other partners and government enable us to play a full role in civil protection as a Category 1 Responder.

The Emergency Planning Unit also produces information to assist local business leaders to develop their own Business Continuity Plans.

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