Facts for inclusion on RDC Environmental Action Infographic March 2021 to April 22

Our annual emissions of CO2 from direct operations were 18% lower than our baseline year of 2019/20.

We met our aim to support 4 Community Applications for superfast Broadband, helping Rother to become a Smart Digital District.

We commissioned a series of workshops including “Hosting events with the Environment and Sustainability in mind” for local event holders. Applications for the Rother Events Grant also now request details on how each event will be sustainable.

17 Councillors and 24 Officers completed Carbon Literacy Training.

Solar arrays on the Treasury Building and Bexhill Museum generated over 30 Megawatt Hours of electricity

We Protected and Enhanced Biodiversity in many ways, including:

Meadow mixes, great for pollinating insects, replaced Flower Towers
Bexhill Environment Group planted hedgerows at Broad Oak Park and trees on Bexhill Down
Trees were planted at Sidley Recreation Ground as part of the BMX and Skate Park project
Treeconomics completed an i-Tree Eco study in Bexhill which we’ll use to protect and enhance tree cover

The Climate Emergency Bonus Fund was introduced, setting aside a percentage of the Community Infrastructure Levy for eligible projects that have distinct environmental benefits.

We created an online “Office Swap Shop” where staff offer or request supplies and equipment from colleagues, lowering how much we need to buy and reducing waste.

Following the pandemic, we continue to support working from home as this, amongst other benefits, reduces staff travel emissions. We have improved online file sharing & meeting platforms and digitally outsourced our mail so staff don’t need to travel to the office to print and post letters.

Construction began at the award winning Blackfriars development which will provide 200 low-carbon dwellings, featuring several Passivhaus and earth sheltered properties. The scheme includes allotments and public green spaces designed to promote biodiversity.

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