The Council manages the cemeteries in Bexhill and Rye as well as the closed churchyards across the District, and is responsible for ensuring that they are safe places to visit and work in.   As part of the process to ensure that these areas remain safe and that all legal requirements are met, Rother District Council periodically inspects and if required tests memorials for stability.

The legal responsibility for the safety and upkeep of an individual memorial remains with the owner of the exclusive right of burial for the grave.  However, during the period of the exclusive right of burial, the Council is empowered to prevent a memorial from becoming or continuing to be a hazard to public safety. 

How the Inspections are Completed

The work undertaken in relation to memorial inspections is completed in accordance with Rother District Council’s Cemetery Regulations, which follows the guidance provided by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management .  Details of our process of inspections are laid out in the document below.  (For all documents please see Related Documents at the bottom of the page).

Memorial inspections have been ongoing since July 2017, and details of the sections being inspected will be displayed within our cemeteries and below.  Please be aware that this is a continuous process and the inspection of all memorials will take a number of years to complete.

Bexhill – Bexhill Cemetery Plan

Division: D

Rye – Rye Cemetery Map

Lower Unconsecrated

Memorial Inspections – Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a number of questions and answers that we hope will answer any questions you may have regarding the inspections.  

If you have additional questions please email

Current Work Programme

We will endeavour to ensure that the general public is kept up to date on the progress of the inspections through this website, the links below will be updated on a regular basis to provide details on the sections and areas currently being inspected at each location.  Please note we will not be able to provide times and dates for individual memorials.

Bexhill – Section DC

Rye – Lower Unconsecrated

Memorials Requiring Work

It is anticipated that some memorials will be identified as requiring works to ensure the future stability and ongoing safety. As part of the process of inspections, officers will contact the holder of the exclusive right of burial for the plot at the time of inspection.  Please be aware that we will only make contact with people where the memorial inspection has indicated that works are required.  To assist people we will regularly update this webpage with the location, date, section and plot number of those memorials that require works.

All memorial repairs must be carried out by a registered stonemason and must seek permission from the cemeteries office prior to attending the site. 

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