The cemetery charges for 1 April 2024 – 31 March 2025 are listed below.

In addition to the council’s charges there will be the additional costs of the funeral itself to consider. Please read the publication ‘What to do after a death in England and Wales‘ or the ‘Charter for the Bereaved’ for further details on the processes of arranging a funeral.


For the burial ofAmount
The body of a child up to 18 years oldNo Charge
The body of a person whose age at the time of death exceeded 18 years. At 1.52m (5’) deep£1176.00
Each additional 0.61m (2’) depth£470.00
Cremated remains£323.00

Exclusive Rights

For the Exclusive Right of Burial at the time of interment for 50 years, including the preparation of the Deed of Grant.

Adult sized grave space£1176.00
Small sized plots£582.00
Garden of Rest at Rye£334.00

Plot reservation for 5-year period

Only renewable upon application

Full size plot (2.74m x 1.22m)£297.00
Small size plot (1.37m x 0.61m)£150.00
Garden of Rest at Rye (0.69m x 0.61m)£85.00

Other Charges

Use of Chapel£238.00
Transfer of burial rights£152.00
Search fee – 10 years to presentNo Charge
Search fee – before 10 years£152.00
ExhumationDouble appropriate re-opening fees, plus any additional charges to be determined by the Proper Officer according to the circumstances.

The whole of the foregoing fees and charges will be doubled in the case of any person who at the time of death was not a Council Tax payer or resident of the Rother District and has not so resided at any time during the twelve months preceding his or her death.

Grounds Work

Maintenance and planting in respect of Bexhill Cemetery only

Lawn Sections

Grounds WorkAmount (includes VAT at 20%)
Twice yearly planting with bedding plants£194.00
For Exclusive Burial Rights£2593.00

Traditional Sections

Grounds WorkAmount
Turfing of a grave space£220.00
Maintenance with twice yearly planting per annum£581.00


PermissionAmount (Includes VAT at 20%)
Permission to erect a memorial£152.00
Permission to insert an additional inscription£61.00

For Inscriptions in the Book of Remembrance

EntryAmount (includes VAT at 20%)
Up to five-line entry£322.00
Standard Embellishments (Extra)£489.00


If you have any additional questions or queries please contact the Cemeteries Officer on (01424) 787523 or email:

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