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Natural Environment

Natural environment


Rother District contains a blend of some of the most beautiful countryside in South East England.

The landscape character of the district varies from low-lying flat marshland to the east of the district, with expansive fields divided by occasional hedgerows, through the ancient mosaic landscape of the High Weald, with gently undulating pasture punctuated with species-rich hedgerows, copses and ancient woodland, to the more steeply contoured land around the sandstone ridge-top.

Much of the district is covered with significant areas of biodiversity interest including coastal habitats and ancient woodland. This rich and distinctive natural environment functions as both an important ecological habitat and an attractive visual resource.

  • The High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

    Over 82% of Rother District falls within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - a landscape of national importance which was designated as an AONB in 1983. In this section find more information and a link to the current High Weald Management Plan.

  • Tree Web Image

    Protected Trees

    The value of trees in the landscape of Rother District cannot be overstated. They provide shelter, shade, screening and make an important contribution to the visual quality of both rural and urban areas. In villages and towns they can soften the built environment. They also play an important role in the ecological cycle, providing habitats for many species of birds, mammals and insects. Find out details about Tree Preservation Orders and works to trees in a Conservation Area in this section.

  • Hedgerows

    Hedgerows are an integral part of the character of Rother's landscape are the. The 'Hedgerow Regulations' were introduced in 1997 to protect hedgerows on agricultural land. In this section find more information on the Hedgerow regulations and links to advice on hedgerow management and new hedgerow planting.

  • High Hedges

    Since 1 June 2005 the Council has powers under Part 8 of the Anti Social Behaviours Act 2003 to adjudicate on disputes over high hedges. More information and guidance on the process can be found within this section.

  • Flimwell woodland

    Ancient Woodland

    Rother has the highest Ancient Woodland cover (as a percentage of its area) of all districts in the South East region. Its extent has recently been re-surveyed. In this section find more information and to view the Ancient Woodland Inventory.

  • National & International Nature Conservation Sites

    There are a number of areas within Rother District which are designated as 'RAMSAR' sites, 'Special Protection Areas' and/or 'Special Areas of Conservation'. Further information can be found in this section. Page currently under construction.

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