Guidance for passengers


Guidance for passengers

All complaints about taxis, drivers and operators are investigated.

If you would like to make a complaint, please contact us on the details below.  All complaints are treated confidentially, but you are asked to leave your full details with us. 


If you have a query about the amount you were charged, please view the pdf icon Fare Card [92kb] which details current rates.

The Council sets the maximum fares that can be charged by Hackney Carriages. The pdf icon Fare Card [92kb] gives details of these charges is displayed inside each vehicle, and a taximeter automatically calculates the cost of the journey.  Private Hire vehicles do not operate meters and set their own charges; to avoid surprises, it is advisable to agree the fare in advance.

No Plate, No Badge = No Ride!

There are two types of licensed taxi operate in Rother, Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles.

Hackney Carriages Hackney Carriage Badge Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

These are the only vehicles allowed to wait on taxi ranks or stop if you hail them in the street, but they can also be pre booked through an Operator. They are easily identified by:

  • A white roof sign bearing the words TAXI, FOR HIRE and DISTRICT OF ROTHER on the front
  • White signs on both rear doors carrying the licence number and the words HACKNEY CARRIAGE
  • A white licence plate on the rear of the vehicle, showing the vehicle's registration number, licence expiry date and the number of passengers it is licensed to carry.

Private Hire Vehicles Private Hire Badge

These vehicles cannot wait on taxi ranks or be hailed in the street; they must be booked in advance through a licensed Private Hire Operator. They are distinguishable by:

  • Yellow signs on both rear doors carrying the licence number and the words PRIVATE HIRE, ADVANCED BOOKINGS ONLY
  • A yellow licence plate on the rear of the vehicle showing the vehicle's registration number, licence expiry date and the number of passengers they are licensed to carry. 

A small number of Private Hire Vehicles operating within the Rother District are exempt from displaying licence plates. They must, however, carry the licence plate and an exemption certificate in the car at all times. If in doubt, ask to see them.

All taxis

Every vehicle licence must be renewed annually, with full mechanical inspections carried out every six months. Drivers must not be asked to carry more passengers than the vehicle licence permits. This number equates to the number of 'heads', not the number of seats; a baby carried on your lap still counts as a 'head'.

Unless you have hailed or pre booked the vehicle, beware of any driver who offers you a ride; he may be unlicensed or operating illegally. You risk travelling with an individual who has not been properly checked, in a vehicle which may be mechanically unsafe and will not be appropriately insured.

Licensed drivers Driver Badge

A Driver's Licence is issued for a maximum of three years. Before first licensing, and on every renewal thereafter, the driver must provide a medical report and undergo fresh checks through the Disclosure and Barring Service (previously CRB) and the DVLA. When working, Drivers are required at all times to have on view, either on their person or in the front windscreen, a Council issued photographic identity badge. If you cannot see this, ask the Driver to show it to you.

Safeguarding information

Professional taxi drivers can play a valuable role in safeguarding vulnerable youngsters or adults, who undertake regular journeys unaccompanied by a parent or carer.  The pdf icon Taxi Safeguarding Leaflet [324kb] details the instructions and advice given to all licensed drivers, but particularly those involved in collecting and delivering school children.

Every Christmas we run a poster campaign to promote the use of licensed taxis when you are out and about in Rother. Please view our pdf icon Unlicensed Taxi Campaign Poster [3Mb]  

For more information, please contact the Rother District Council Taxi Licensing Officer on 01424 787528, or email


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