Recycling in Rother

This new page will look at how we recycle in Rother. It will look at our performance and tackle the key issues around waste and recycling.

Welcome to our new web page which will give monthly feedback on recycling in Rother.

Historically Rother residents have been and continue to be good at recycling so thank you for your continuing efforts and support.

It is essential that we continue to drive up our recycling rate, both for the environmental benefits and to reduce the amount of household waste generated, in turn lowering disposal costs.

The Government have set an annual recycling target for local collection authorities of 50% by the year 2020 and to achieve this Rother still has a little way to go. In its simplest terms last year Rother were 3520 tonnes away from achieving the 2020 target. This may sound a lot but per household it equates to just over 80 kg of household waste a year either not thrown away in the first place (reduce, reuse) or 40Kg of this house hold waste diverted away into the recycling collection (recycle).

This page will give monthly feedback on Rother's recycling performance while giving helpful guidance and tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle more as a household. We hope this information will be educational, inspiring and encourage households to recycle even more while also looking to reduce their household waste. We will also look beyond Rother and occasionally include interesting stories or developments in the area of waste and recycling, from a national or global perspective.

If you're interested in reading more about why we should all recycle then click on the following link. The Recycle Now website contains a good introduction to recycling and also further articles into specific recycling topics.



MARCH 2017 - Recycling in Rother, how did we do in 2016?


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