Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan


Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan

Crowhurst Parish Council, as the qualifying body, has prepared a Neighbourhood Plan which proposes a vision for the parish and a number of planning policies to be used in the determination of planning applications locally.


Examination of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan

The Independent Examiner, Liz Beth, has now produced the Examination Report in which modifications are recommended that will enable the Plan to proceed to Referendum.

For a full timeline of the Examination and related correspondence, please see the Crowhurst NP Examination page.

Rother District Council will now liaise with Ticehurst Parish Council to produce the final 'referendum' version of the Plan, incorporating the Examiner's recommendations.


Regulation 15 Submission Documents

Further supporting documents and more information is available on the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan website.



4 Apr 2019

Publication of the Examiners Report (Regulation 18, 1)

The Examiner produced the Report in which modifications were recommended that would enable the Plan to proceed to Referendum.

4 Feb - 4 Apr 2019

Examination of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 17)

Liz Beth was appointed to undertake an independent Examination of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan and was sent the Plan, along with the supporting documents and representations.

7 Dec 2018 - 25 Jan 2019

Publicity and Representation Period (Regulation 16)

Rother District Council carried out the publicity and representation period for the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan.

All duly made representations have been collated into the following document.

13 Nov 2018

Submission of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 15)

Crowhurst Parish Council submitted the Plan to Rother District Council. See Regulation 15 Submission Documents above.

16 Jan - 28 Feb 2018

Pre-Submission Consultation (Regulation 14)

Crowhurst Parish Council carried out the pre-submission consultation on the draft Plan.

24 Jan 2017

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Opinion

Rother District Council provided a formal SEA Screening Opinion for the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan.

24 Nov 2015

Designation of Crowhurst Parish as a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 7)

Rother District Council confirmed that the marked area shown on the submitted map (being that of Crowhurst Parish) was formally designated as a Neighbourhood Area.

14 Oct 2015

Application for the designation of Crowhurst Parish a Neighbourhood Area (Regulation 5)

Crowhurst Parish Council (as the relevant body) submitted to Rother District Council an application for the designation of Crowhurst Parish as a Neighbourhood Area, along with the following documents:

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