Animal Welfare


Animal Welfare

Certain activities involving animals must be licensed by Rother District Council to protect the safety and welfare of the animals involved.

The Animal Services Licensing Officer inspects annually a variety of Licensed venues to ensure they comply with licence conditions. Premises are also subject to additional checks to ensure standards are maintained.

The aim is to ensure minimum standards of welfare for animals, prevent the spread of diseases and ensure the safety of the public visiting these premises.

Animal Boarding, Dog Breeder, Pet Shops and Riding Establishment Licences run for one year but always expire on the 31st December. Dangerous Wild Animal Licences run for two years from the date of issue and Zoo Licences run for four years from the date of issue when they are granted and for six years when they are renewed.

For information and advice on the different types of Animal Licensing, including details of fees and how to apply, please visit our dedicated pages on the left.

Our advice to anyone using one of these premises is as follows:

  • Check they are licensed by the Council and ask to see the licence
  • Inspect the premises prior to leaving your pet, buying an animal or taking a riding lesson
  • Ensure that riding establishments have current public liability insurance.
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