Healthy workplaces


Healthy workplaces

Welcome to our healthy workplaces section.

Creating a safe and healthy workplace can:

  • Improve morale, productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce stress and ill health
  • Help comply with the law

All of these factors can lead to a healthier, better motivated workforce, reduced absenteeism, and greater profitability.

Please follow the links below to find lots of common sense information that can help you and your business reap the benefits of a healthier workplace.

An introduction to health and safety at work

Understanding who is responsible for enforcing health and safety at work and what you can expect from us.

Managing health and safety at work

Find out how to implement appropriate policies and working practices to create a safe and healthy work place and meet your legal obligations.


Information on providing the providing the right environment and facilities to promote safe working.

Workplace health

Advice to help you maintain good health in your staff.

Workplace safety

Information on preventing serious accidents in the workplace such as falls from height, transport accidents and accidents caused by machinery.

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