Licensing Performance


Licensing Performance

The Licensing Team receive a very high number of applications each year, not just for new licences, but for renewals, variations and transfers of our existing licences.

We also receive complaints about our licensed premises.

In 2015 we moved to a new computer system and so some of our data is only available from 2015 onwards.

Service Requests

Licensing Service Requests

Request Type2014/152015/162016/17
Service Requests Relating to Licensed Premises188681
Service Requests Relating to Animal Licensed PremisesNot Available135
Service Requests Relating to GamblingNot Available67
Service Requests  Relating to Taxis102733



Alcohol and Entertainment Applications

Application Type2015/162016/17
New Premises Licence Applications1813
Notification of Change to a Premises Licence115
Applications to Transfer a Premises Licence1228
Applications to Vary a Premises Licence14
Applications to Vary a DPS at a Licensed Premises5760
Minor Variations to a Premises Licence66
Minor Variations to a Club Premises Certificate10
Applications to Vary a Club Premises Certificate10
New Personal Licence Applications7669
Notification of Change to a Personal Licence6323
Standard Temporary Event Notices Received288229
Late Temporary Event Notices Received8570

Gambling Applications

Application Type2015/162016/17
New Lottery Applications1010
Applications to Renew a Lottery8182
New Gaming Machines Notifications at a Licensed Premises31
New Applications for a Club Gaming Permit10
New Bingo Applications11
Applications to Vary a Bingo Licence10

Taxi Applications

Application Type2015/162016/17
New Dual Driver Applications2113
Applications to Renew a Dual Driver4770
Requests for a Replacement Licence/Badge10
New Hackney Carriage Vehicle Applications4326
Applications to Renew a Hackney Carriage Vehicle8389
Applications to Change a Hackney Carriage Vehicle812
Applications to Transfer Ownership of a Hackney Carriage Vehicle413
Applications to Change the Registration Number of a Hackney Carriage Vehicle42
Requests for a Replacement Licence/Plate10
New Private Hire Vehicle Applications108
Applications to Renew a Private Hire Vehicle3735
Applications to Change the Registration Number of a Private Hire Vehicle11
New Private Hire Operator Applications53
Applications to Renew a Private Hire Operator1911

Animal Applications

Application Type2015/162016/17
New Animal Boarding Applications01
Applications to Renew an Animal Boarding Establishment1818
New Dog Breeder Applications20
Applications to Renew a Dog Breeder44
New Home Boarder Applications109
Applications to Renew a Home Boarder812
New Pet Shop Applications10
Applications to Renew a Pet Shop44
Applications to Renew a Riding Establishment97

House to House and Street Collections

Application Type2015/162016/17
New Street Collection Applications935
New Trade Consent Street Applications53
New House to House Applications15


Live Licences

The number of Live Licences is constantly changing as new licences are granted and older Licences are surrendered or not renewed. As such we will update the table below with the number of Live Licence every quarter.

Live Licences

Licence TypeNumber of Live Licences
Premises Licences403
Club Premises Certificates39
Personal Alcohol Licence Holders1,324
Adult Gaming Centres3
Bingo Halls7
Gambling Premises (Non Track)7
Club Gaming Permits1
Club Machine Permits19
Gaming Machine Notifications at Licensed Premises56
Dual Drivers161
Hackney Carriage Vehicles112
Private Hire Vehicles50
Private Hire Operators22
Animal Boarding Establishments19
Dog Breeders4
Home Boarding Establishments22
Pet Shops4
Riding Establishments8
Boatmans' Licences4
Pleasure Boats2


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