Housing Allocations Policy


Housing Allocations Policy

Rother District Council is updating its housing allocations scheme. The consultation is CLOSED.

This Consultation is CLOSED.

Read more about what people told us on the Cabinet report Cabinet Monday 1 December 2014 - Agenda

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Dear Stakeholder

As the portfolio holder for housing, I want to ensure that we are clear about how we house people in the scarce housing available through our housing partners. In that spirit, I would like to invite you to have your say.  Please read the information below which explains why and how you can give your comments.

What is a housing allocations scheme?

The housing allocations scheme is our set of rules for putting people on our housing register and into homes.  We set the rules to make the best use of the limited stock of social housing available.

It is the law that the Council has to have a housing allocations scheme.  Rother District Council has to make it clear how we prioritise housing applications and the procedures we will follow.

Even though Rother District Council has not owned any council housing for many years, we have agreements with 19 registered social landlords operating in Rother.  This means we are allowed to nominate households on our housing register to some of their properties.

Why does the Council need to change the scheme?

We have to change our rules to keep up with national and local changes, particularly two new Acts.

In 2011, the Localism Act gave local authorities the power to decide some of its own regulations in their housing allocations schemes.

In 2012, the Welfare Reform Act changed housing benefit from 1 April 2013.  The change means social housing tenants of working age will only receive the amount of housing benefit according to the number of bedrooms the Government says a household needs.  You may have heard this called "the bedroom tax".

How can I take part?

Click on this link:  LINK DELETED AS OBSOLETE for the questionnaire.  CLOSED

First you will read more information on housing supply and demand in Rother.  Then you will be told about the main changes to the draft allocations policy and be invited to send in your comments.

What happens next?

This consultation is open from 21 July to 29 September 2014.  We will put on this website what people tell us.  We will answer any frequently asked questions or add further information if it is needed.

The results of the consultation and our proposed changes will be debated by the Councillors on Overview and Scrutiny Committee at their meeting on 20 October and their recommendations go to Cabinet on 3rd November.

We will put progress reports on this website.

Follow this consultation on @rdcconsult on Twitter.

Thank you for reading on advance for your assistance on this matter.  We look forward to finalising this document incorporating your comments.

Yours sincerely,

Councillor Mrs Joy Hughes, Portfolio Holder for Housing

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