Forward Plan


Forward Plan

The forward plan is produced monthly and covers a period of 4 months.

Key decisions include any Executive decision which is likely to result in the local authority incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are, significant having regard to the local authority's budget for the service or function to which the decision relates; or be significant in terms of its effect on communities living or working in an area comprising two or more wards in the area of the local authority. If these key decisions are to be discussed with council officers at a meeting of the Executive, this will be open for the public to attend except where exempt information or confidential matters are being discussed.  The Membership of the current Cabinet can be found by clicking on the related page for Cabinet shown in the right hand column.

The timetable for the publication of the Forward Plan for the municipal year 2017/18 is shown in the table below. To view a Forward Plan, please click on the date of publication below.

Date of Publication
(Second Monday in month)

Period to which Plan Relates

word icon Forward Plan - 10 April 2017 [65kb]

May 17 - Aug 17

word icon Forward Plan - 8 May 2017 [65kb]

Jun 17 - Sep 17

word icon Forward Plan - 12 June 2017 [66kb]

Jul 17 - Oct 17

word icon Forward Plan - 10 July 2017 [66kb]

Aug 17 - Nov 17

word icon Forward Plan - 14 August 2017 [66kb]

Sep 17 - Dec 17

word icon Forward Plan - 11 September 2017 [65kb]

Oct 17 - Jan 18

word icon Forward Plan - 9 October 2017 [65kb]

Nov 17 - Feb 18

word icon Forward Plan - 13 November 2017 [65kb]

Dec 17 - Mar 18

word icon Forward Plan - 11 December 2017 [65kb]

Jan 18 - Apr 18

word icon Forward Plan - 8 January 2018 [65kb]

Feb 18 - May 18

word icon Forward Plan - 12 February 2018 [65kb]

Mar 18 - Jun 18

12 March 2018

Apr 18 - Jul 18

Note: If the second Monday in the month falls on a Bank Holiday, publication will be on Tuesday.

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