Localism Workshop

A workshop was held in conjunction with Rother Voluntary Action on 30th January 2012 to discuss Localism in Rother between Rother District Council, parish and town councils in Rother and local community groups.

Here are the presentations that were given at the workshops.

Presentation 1.  Workshops and the Background to Localism Bill

Background to the Act, its purpose, creating the Bill, summary of all its provisions.

Presentation 2.  Localism Act and Community Groups

What it is, how it will work, the new powers for communities, what that means, how local people can bring about changes, detail on the community right to build, the community right to bid and the community right to challenge.

Presentation 3.  Localism Act for Communities and Local Councils

Points of interest for local groups, abolition of standards boards, neighbourhood planning, conflicting messages, community right to build, council tax, general power of competence, right to challenge, right to buy, pilots in West Sussex.

Localism Workshop Report

A report of the main discussions and key points arising at the workshop.

Localism – Government Guidance

The Department of Communities and Local Government has provided a Plain English guidance to the Localism Act 2011.

Plain English Guide to Localism Act

If you would like more detail, here is the Localism Act 2011 and explanatory notes.