Rother District Council is committing to increase the number of new trees planted in our district.

This pledge forms part of our motion to declare a Climate Emergency and is being launched with our Environment Strategy consultation.

How to include your new trees

We invite residents, businesses and community groups to record the number of new trees planted across our district to support our collective aim.

You can record your new tree planting on our interactive map This will not take long!

We require your postcode, tree type, number of new trees planted, date the trees have been planted and the height of the tree when first planted for your new trees to be counted. You can even upload a photo!

You can see how many new trees and where these are, that have been planted since the launch of our Environment Strategy consultation on 25 February 2020.

Benefits of planting a tree

The new tree planting initiative aims to encourage residents and businesses to tackle the environmental challenges we are all facing.

Tree planting will help:

  • remove carbon out of the atmosphere
  • increase the provision of shaded areas/canopy cover
  • reduce flood risk
  • improved biodiversity
  • improve people’s physical and mental health
  • contribute towards Rother District Council’s carbon neutral pledge by 2030

How to plant a tree

Planting a tree does not require specialised knowledge. However, we recommend the following guidance by The Woodland Trust, which provides information on:

  • Where to buy a tree
  • How to plant a tree
  • Which tree to chose
  • Grow your own tree from seed
  • How to look after your tree

The Woodland Trust website –