We are doing everything we can to continue providing our waste collection services. As the situation evolves we will post service updates on this page.

The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is being felt across all service areas. With many households self-isolating it is likely that our waste contractor Biffa will see some disruption to staffing levels. We want to assure you that we have been working across the Joint Waste Partnership to manage this and ensure we are able to keep this service running.

Tuesday 7th April 2020

Household waste (Black bin / sack)

All rounds deployed, report missed bins as usual.

A Bexhill based waste collection round was unable to complete today and has the following roads outstanding which will be collected tomorrow.

  • Suttons Place
  • De La Warr Road
  • Brookfield Road

Recycling (green bin / pink sack)

All rounds deployed, report missed bins as usual.

Garden waste (Brown Bin)

To protect the priority waste collection services over the next four weeks garden waste services will now be suspended across the Rother District.This suspension will remain in place until at least week ending Friday 24 April. We will continue to update you as this situation evolves and we apologise for any inconvenience. Please be assured that existing subscribers will have their lack of service due to this suspension taken into consideration at the time of their subscription renewal in July 2020.

What can I do with garden waste

You can view the following page about how to compost your waste. It also includes advice on building your own composter.

If you do not have space for composting, please store your garden waste until we are able to safely reopen the household waste recycling sites.

What do I do with my excess household waste?

To help us to continue providing essential waste collection services, please don’t put out additional waste alongside your rubbish and recycling. Instead store it safely for disposal after our household waste recycling sites reopen. This will allow us to continue providing waste collections at this difficult time.

For bulky items such as furniture, clothing, electrical items, please store these until we are able to reopen the sites or arrange an alternative.

Please don’t take your waste to a neighbouring authority – they have also closed their sites and by trying to do so may only make the situation worse elsewhere.

Please do not take excess household waste and recycling to bring sites (mini recycling points, often located in car parks) as these may well be full or not operating at this time.

Road access for waste and recycling collections

Please consider access for larger vehicles when parking in residential streets. With more vehicles parked up across the district than usual, our waste and recycling collection crews are having difficulty access some roads.  If your waste or recycling bins have not been collected, please leave them out.

Advice for cleaning and disposal of waste

If you are self-isolating with possible coronavirus illness, find out how to dispose of your used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths safely

Closure of Household waste and recycling sites (HWRS)

East Sussex County Council have had to temporarily close their HWRS as a consequence of Covid 19 measures implemented by the Government. Further information can be found here.