The SFRA refines information on the areas within Rother District Council that may flood, taking into account other sources of flooding and the impacts of climate change, in addition to the information on the Flood Map.

The purpose of the SFRA is to inform decision makers’ knowledge of flooding, refine the information on the Flood Map and determine the variations in flood risk from all sources of flooding across and from the area. These will form the basis for preparing appropriate policies for flood risk management.

The SFRA informs the Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating the SEA Directive) of the Core Strategy and other Local Development Documents and will provide the basis from which to apply the Sequential Test and Exception Test in the development allocation and development control process.

The Level 2 SFRA flood mapping shows flood outlines for different probabilities, impact, speed of onset, depth and velocity variance of flooding taking account of the presence and likely performance of flood risk management infrastructure.

The SFRA Appendices can be found under Related Documents below.