The Rother District Local Plan Core Strategy and Development and Site Allocations (DaSA) Local Plan provide the basis for determining planning applications.

All Local Plan 2006 policies have been superseded except for site specific policies in neighbourhood plan areas, where neighbourhood plans have not yet been made

You can access an interactive version of the RDLP 2006 Local Plan here. If you need assistance to navigate around it, there is a Help page on the interactive site.


Please note: The definitive legal copy of the Proposals Map is the printed version published by Rother District Council in July 2006. If there are any queries over the interpretation of policies in the Development Plan or the Proposals Map please contact the Planning Strategy team at 

Please note that boundaries on the map reflect the Proposals Map as adopted in 2006. Please refer to the following sources for current designations relating to;

  • Special Protection Areas/Special Areas of Conservation, RAMSAR Sites, Sites of Special Scientific Importance and Ancient Woodlands are designated by Natural England 

  • Sites of Nature Conservation Importance (Local Wildlife Sites) are designated by East Sussex County Council

  • For Flood Zone Data please visit the flood map for planning website

  • Groundwater Protection Zones are designated by the Environment Agency

  • Conservation Areas designated by Rother District Council as a result of Section 70 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. The latest maps can be found on the Conservation Area page.