What is a DDPG?

Discretionary Disabled Projects Grant (DDPG) is designed to provide grant funding for community disability projects to eligible voluntary/community groups, parish councils, faith groups, and non-for-profit organisations. The grant is intended to support smaller projects that are easily deliverable, and which promote access to buildings and spaces for the general public i.e. access is not exclusive to particular groups or individuals. The grant is discretionary and as such is subject to capital funds being available, thus the provision of the grant may be limited or discontinued at any time. For further information, please view the Rother Financial Assistance Policy.

Examples of eligible works:

  • Disabled access – including ramping, wheelchair access, external step approaches, communal entrances.
  • Communal stair lifts.
  • Accessible playground/play for children with disabilities.
  • Sanitary facilities for disability and wheelchair users.
  • Toilets.

How to apply:

  • You must contact your Local District Councillor to discuss your project and to receive an application form.
  • The proposed project will be discussed by a Council team comprising of the portfolio Council Member for Housing, Rother Equalities Officer, Housing Officer, and a Disabled Grant Officer.
  • Each project proposal will be approved or declined by the above panel.
  • The amount of grant funding is dependent on a case by case basis, however, is capped at £10,000.