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Rother District Council area is moving through the steps of HM Governments Roadmap out of lockdown as listed below.

BUSINESS offering FOOD and DRINK for consumption on site – this must be outdoors, and the business must take all reasonable steps to ensure the customer remains seated outdoors.
This includes areas adjacent to the business.
Must close the indoor part of the business to the public with exception of toilets, breast feeding facilities.
If the business does not sell alcohol customers may enter the premises to order and to pay for their food.
Sale of alcohol for consumption on siteOrders and service for alcohol must be taken/delivered outdoors.
Provision of essential voluntary services, urgent public support services – food banks, support for homeless people, blood donation sessions; for the purpose of voting; making films, TV programme or audio recording. Facilities for training by elite sportspeople, professional dancers and choreographers, education and training, supervision of children’s’ activities for under 18s and for persons with a disability.
Separate self-contained unit within premises may be used for retail or hire; or for making deliveries provided in response to orders received from a website, phone, text or post.
All “non-essential” retail may re-open
Nightclubs, dance halls and discotheques, sexual entertainment venues, hostess bars, any business which opens at night, has a dance floor or other space for dancing and provides music whether live or recorded for dancing.
Any business which provides a waterpipe for the consumption of tobacco or other substance on the premises
Any business which provides a device to be used for the recreational inhalation of nicotine or any other substance on the premises
Bingo Halls
Bowling Alleys
Snooker and pool halls
Amusement arcades including adult gaming centres
Laser quest and escape rooms
Cinemas except drive in
Theatres except drive in
Concert halls
Skating rinks
Circuses except drive in
Indoor attractions at parks, historic homes etc.
Saunas and steam rooms
STEP 2 To Remain closed
Holiday accommodation – hotel, hostel, B&B, holiday apartment, home, cottage, bungalow, campsite, caravan park or boarding house, canal boat or any vessel must cease to carry on that business; UNLESS the premises are separate and self-contained and provided for the members of one household or two linked households only.Where people are unable to return to their main residence;

Or live permanently in caravan parks;

Or need accommodation while moving to a new house, attending a funeral or medical appointment or medical treatment
Or is a carer of a vulnerable person and/or requires respite care

Or are isolating themselves from others as required by law;

Or is an elite athlete, coach of an elite athlete or parent of an elite athlete under 18 years and needs accommodations for training or competition;

Or needs accommodation to visit a person who is dying;

Or require accommodation for work, charity or voluntary purposes, education, training, women’s refuge;

Or accommodation for the homeless, food bank or blood donation sessions.

CARAVANS and CAMPSITES may reopen provided the only shared facilities are washing, toilets, water points and waste. It is not allowed to share kitchens, sleeping areas, bathrooms or indoor communal areas.


These Regulations will be enforced by Rother District Council Environmental Health Officers, East Sussex County Council Trading Standards Officers and Sussex Police.

For advice or complaints email Rother DC on or ESCC Trading Standards on

Complaints regarding any individual’s behaviour or possible non compliance should be reported online to Sussex Police.


If a business is found to be trading in contravention of the regulations, they may be subject to an enforcement notice prohibiting specified activities. If this is not complied with fixed penalty notices may be issued. A prosecution may follow.

Environmental Health Enforcement Policy can be found here.