Voting by proxy is another way of voting if you are unable to vote in person at the polling station. A proxy is someone you appoint to vote on your behalf. To vote by proxy you, and your nominated proxy, need to be on the electoral register where they live. Then you need to complete a proxy vote application form.

Voting by proxy can be useful if you fall ill and are unable to get to the polling station on polling day, or if you are abroad during an election. It can be particularly useful if you are overseas and may not be able to send a postal vote back in time for polling day (for instance, if you are in the Armed Forces and deployed overseas).

How to apply for a proxy vote

There are different forms, depending on why you can’t get to the polling station. Please make sure you complete the right one.

The correct proxy application form to complete, and further information can be found at the Electoral Commission website.

Please send the completed proxy application forms either to The Elections Office, Rother District Council, Town Hall, London Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN39 3JX, or scan and email the forms to

Who can apply for a proxy vote?

When you apply for a proxy vote you have to provide a reason. You can apply for a proxy vote if:

  • You are unable to go to the polling station for one particular election, for example, if you are away on holiday
  • You have a physical condition that means you cannot go to the polling station on polling day
  • You are a British citizen living overseas
  • You are a crown servant or a member of the Armed Forces

When can I apply to vote by proxy?

The deadline for applying to vote by proxy is normally six working days before polling day. In exceptional circumstances, you can also apply for an emergency proxy after this time. Please contact Electoral Services for more information at

Who can vote on my behalf?

You can nominate anyone to be your proxy as long as they are eligible to vote in that type of election and they are willing to vote on your behalf.

Please note, a person cannot be a proxy for more than two people at any one election, unless they are a close relative.

If would like further information on voting by proxy, please call Electoral Services on 01424 787000.

Please visit the Electoral Commission website for further information.