A Panel will consider applications. The Panel is made up of 2 Cabinet Members, the Chair of the Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee, 2 representatives from the voluntary sector, a representative from Rother Association of Local Councils, and Rother District Council officers.

Medium and large applications are considered twice a year and recommendations are madeon each application to the Rother District Council Cabinet. 

Small grant applications will be considered more frequently as needed and do not require Cabinet approval and are accepted throughout the year. 

A scoring template has been developed to ensure that all applications are fairly assessed.  Any unsuccessfulapplications may be carried forward to a second Panel meeting to allow further opportunity if all criteria are not initially met or insufficient funds are available in the financial year.

How will applications be assessed?

  • Is the project eligible?
  • Will the project offer real community benefit?
  • Does the project support the Council’s Aims?
  • Does the project support any of the objectives set out in the Council’s Corporate Plan?
  • Is the project identified in a Local Action Plan?
  • Is the organisation/group contributing financially to the project?
  • Have other sources of funding been committed?
  • Has the local Town/Parish Council been approached for match funding?
  • Is there evidence of community support for the project?
  • Have you secured written comments and signature from at least one Rother Ward Member (Councillor) and the Town/Parish Clerk (if appropriate)?
  • Are there any concerns over project deliverability?
  • How inclusive is the project?
  • Does the project support an existing Council service?
  • Is the relevant Council Officer supportive of the proposed project?

We especially welcome applications that support the broad objectives of the Council’s Corporate Plan.  The Council’s Corporate Plan, which includes the Council’s aims and Executive Priority Projects can be viewed at:


Please note: Incomplete applications will not be processed.

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