Rother District Council has agreed to set up a grants fund to recognise King Charles III Coronation. The official celebration weekend will be held from 6 May until 8 May 2023.

Grants of up to £500 are available to properly constituted groups and Parish and Town Councils who wish to hold events to commemorate the King’s Coronation across the celebration weekend.

The grant pot is set at a maximum of £10,000 and grants will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. The fund will open on 8 March 2023 and close once all funds have been allocated, or on 23 April 2023, whichever is sooner.

Applications will be assessed on their individual merits and against the following criteria:

  • Rother District Council Grants will be offered to properly constituted community groups and Parish and Town Councils within the Rother District.
  • The fund will open on 8 March 2023. The closing date for this Grants scheme is when all funds have been allocated or 23 April 2023, whichever is sooner.
  • The expectation is that events will take place on the celebration weekend between 6-8 May.
  • Applications will be considered on their own merit, including environmental impact, as they are received by the Council and applicants will be notified of the decision within 14 days of receipt.
  • All projects must demonstrate a clear link to the King’s Coronation Celebrations and actively benefit Rother residents, promoting access for all and community well-being.
  • Funding will not be granted towards firework displays.
  • Applicants will have to demonstrate that Rother District Council funding is at least matched pound for pound by other funds and will need to show they have a bank account in place to process the grant.   
  • All community events must, in some way, acknowledge Rother District Council’s contribution.
  • Advice about obtaining public liability insurance, licences etc may be sought from Town and Parish Council’s and Rother Voluntary Action (RVA).

Before making an application, please ensure you have all the necessary documentation and emails required to process your application. Applications with missing information or without quotes will not be considered.

Should you wish to save your application to come back to later, please register for a Rother account before starting your application.

Should your grant be successful, please upload the details of your event to the Coronation Digital Map.

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