Dog control


Dog control

Finding the owners of lost dogs, investigating allegations about aggressive dogs and dog fouling are all part of our work.


The Council has made Dog Control Orders concerning dog fouling, excluding dogs and keeping dogs on leads in certain areas.

There are times when other agencies such as the RSPCA and Sussex Police will be better placed to help you with your complaint.

In this section you will find out what we do, what other agencies can do to help and how to complain to us.

  • Dog welfare

    All dog owners are encouraged to be responsible in caring for their dogs.

  • Lost dogs

    If you have lost your dog please telephone Animal Wardens Ltd on 01424 490034. If the dog has been found he/she may have been handed to them for safe keeping.

  • Seized dogs

    It is an offence for a dog to be in a public place without identification (collar and tag usually). Dogs without identification who are not under control may be seized.

  • Dog fouling

    Dog fouling is a serious health risk and must be cleaned up to prevent the spread of infection and distress to residents.

  • Dogs on leads

    There are specific areas within the Rother district where dogs must be kept on leads.

  • Dangerous dogs

    The Police deal with dangerous dogs and prohibited breeds. Reports of allegedly aggressive dogs should be made to this department.

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