Bexhill Town Forum (Archive)

Please note that Rother District Council no longer provides administrative support to the Bexhill Town Forum and any enquiries should be made via the Bexhill Town Forum's Facebook page.

Members of the public are always welcome at the Town Forum. This brief guide is intended to provide an understanding of its meetings.

The Forum aims to be an effective "Voice of the Town" for the residents of Bexhill.

Membership is of an informal nature and is based on a very simple concept.  There is no subscription to pay and you don't even have to apply to join.  Just living in Bexhill and caring about your town and its community automatically confirms your status as a member.

At the meetings you will be able to listen to the opinions of your fellow citizens and, should you wish to do so, you will also have the opportunity to express your own views about local issues.

You may just want to keep in touch with local affairs, but you can also put forward ideas or even get more involved in a particular aspect of the town's life.

The 'Your Guide to the Forum' leaflet will tell you all you need to know about the Forum's procedures and what goes on behind the scenes.  If you have any questions about the Forum, please ask an Executive Committee Member or someone at the Chairman's table either before or after a meeting, or check the back page of the Guide for contact details.

pdf icon 'Your Guide to the Forum' [658kb]

The Guide was approved and adopted by members of the Bexhill Town Forum on 14 June 2011. Any future proposed changes to procedural arrangements should, in the first instance, be brought to the attention of the Forum.  The Executive Committee will give full consideration to any proposed changes and will take these back to the Forum for final ratification.  This will provide an opportunity for any member of the Forum to contribute and/or request that they are present at the relevant Executive Committee meeting where the procedural change may first be considered.

Changes will be implemented as soon as practicable and recorded in the Minutes of the Bexhill Town Forum.  The leaflet has been written specifically to relieve the need for it to be frequently re-published.  However, the intention is to update the leaflet on an annual basis, incorporating changes that have been agreed throughout the year, if necessary.

Rother District Council launched the Forum in May 1996 with the objective of more directly involving the public in the decision-making process as it affects the Town and, in the absence of a Town Council, to strengthen Rother's relationship with the local community.  Rother has funded the Forum since its inception and provides essential secretarial services, but the procedures and business of the organisation are determined by an independent Executive Committee.

The Forum meets 4 times each year, usually at various locations across the Town, decided on an annual basis.

The attendance of District Councillors from the 9 Bexhill wards and County Councillors who represent the 3 Bexhill County Electoral Divisions is always welcomed by Members of the Forum, as is their contribution to meetings.  Councillors are entitled to take part in the proceedings but may not vote on any proposals being considered at a Forum meeting.  All other residents of Bexhill present at a meeting are entitled to vote on any proposal. Everyone attending the Forum, including Councillors, is entitled to ask questions and to take part in the discussions and debates. Meetings are conducted in an informal style so that those residents who are unused to public speaking may take part without feeling intimidated. 

Some matters that come before the Forum may require a recommendation to be voted on.  Alternatively, suggestions for an appropriate course of action may be sought from those present at the meeting.

The Forum meetings are NOT open to PARTY political debate.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will normally meet 4 times each year following each Forum meeting to consider the outcome of the previous meeting, to submit any relevant resolutions or proposals from the Forum meeting to Rother District Council and to agree the Agenda for the forthcoming meeting.  The Chairman has the power to call additional meetings at his discretion.  A brief report of Executive Committee meetings will be made available at each Forum meeting.

Please let us know what you think about the leaflet 'Your Guide to the Forum' which we hope you will find much more 'user-friendly'.  The Guide gives a clear indication of how the Bexhill Town Forum is managed and the purpose and rules for engagement of Members of the Executive Committee. 

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