Housing Land Supply Monitoring


Housing Land Supply Monitoring

The Strategy and Environment Section of the Planning Division undertakes regular monitoring of development and change across the District to inform the formulation of planning policies and proposals.

Assessment of Housing Land Supply - October 2017

The 'Housing Land Supply and Housing Trajectory at 1st October 2017' report identifies the supply of dwellings at sites with planning permission and Local Plan allocations as at 1st October 2017. It identifies the extent to which existing plans fulfil the requirement to maintain a rolling five year supply of deliverable land in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The Assessment can be viewed under 'Related Documents'.

Local Plan Monitoring Report

The 2016/17 Local Plan Monitoring Report (LPMR) contains housing figures and employment floorspace and is available to download from the Monitoring Report page. The LPMR is updated on an annual basis.

Housing Evidence Base

The Council has produced a number of evidence base documents to support the housing numbers put forward in the Proposed Submission Core Strategy. The most recent evidence base document include:

Other evidence base document which support the new Local Plan can be found on the Council's Evidence base page.

These documents form part of the evidence on the evidence base to inform the preparation of the Local Plan. Please note these are not policy documents and therefore do not constitute Council policy. Such decisions will be made through statutory Development Plan documents, taking into account a range of policy and other development considerations and be subject to consultation.

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