A multi-agency group, in which Rother plays a pivotal role, responds to flooding emergencies in the district.

  • sandbags

    Avoid flooding

    Whilst some flooding may be unavoidable the damage and loss caused may be able to be prevented or limited, a bit of forward planning and self help would lessen the impact of flooding and may avoid it all together.

  • Flash Flood

    Flash flooding emergency assistance

    During periods of flash/localised flooding we can be inundated with calls from residents asking for assistance across the 200 square miles of the District. We will provide what assistance and advice we can during the normal working day.

  • Flood alert: new Environment Agency Symbols

    Flood warning symbols

    NEW! The Environment Agency's updated warning service has three types of warnings that will help you prepare for flooding and take action.

  • River and coastal flooding

    River and coastal areas most likely to be affected have specific arrangements in place for a multi-agency response to major incidents.

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