Noise is unwanted sound. We enjoy the sound of our own music and the natural sound of the sea. Other sounds can be irritating and annoying, such as other peoples music and traffic

You can complain to the Council about noise from any type of premises and car alarms. If the noise is too loud and occurs frequently a noise nuisance may exist and the Council can take legal action. Before we investigate we normally ask you to complete a noise diary to show how often and when the noise occurs.

Before complaining about your neighbour, please consider mediation. See our leaflet at the bottom of this page for details. When you sell your house you must declare the fact you made a complaint to your purchaser.

Planning and noise

Comments are made on planning applications for development that has potential to cause loss of amenity or nuisance by way of noise (also odour, dust etc). Likewise, proposed noise sensitive development ( schools etc) may need protection from existing noise sources. It is routine to request conditions to be attached to certain types of application and also to give informal advice on how to comply with relevant legislation. The Planning Noise Advice Document, which can be found at the bottom of this page, will assist all parties in coming to a common understanding of what is required.

The Planning Noise Advice Document provides Sussex-wide guidance on how to address noise issues in planning applications. The guidance has been produced by the CIEH Sussex Pollution Working Group.

The purpose of this document is to provide clear and consistent guidance to developers, their consultants and planners on:

  • The information that will be required to be submitted with relevant planning applications, ideally as part of the validation process
  • The existing noise standards to be considered in planning decisions

The guidance complements the Noise Policy Statement for England (2010) and the National Planning Policy Framework (2012) and will be kept under review and updated as and when necessary.

House alarms

House alarms should only ring for 20 minutes. To sound for longer only attracts burglars. If you are troubled by an alarm please telephone Sussex Police on 101 and they will attempt to notify a keyholder. If a keyholder has not been registered, please telephone the Council on 01424 787000 during the day or 01424 787868 outside office hours.

To register your alarm keyholder details contact the 'Peace for a Pound' scheme by submitting your details online via their website. They are appointed to offer the peace for a pound service to you on behalf of Sussex Police. You can also register your alarm and two keyholders with the Council using our online Keyholder registration form.

Car alarms

Car alarms should only sound for a maximum of 5 minutes. The Council has the power to disconnect or disable the alarm if it sounds for longer and the vehicles owner will be re-charged for all the costs incurred by the Council. Please telephone the Council on 01424 787000 during the day or 01424 787868 outside office hours.

Construction sites

Normally the hours of work are restricted to:

8am to 6pm Monday to Friday
8am to 1pm Saturdays

No work should take place on Sundays or Bank Holidays. For further information please telephone 01424 787000 during office hours.

How to complain

If you wish to complain about any pollution matters please telephone 01424 787000 or use our Pollution complaints form.

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