Housing Surveys in Rother


Housing Surveys in Rother

In order to understand housing needs the Council is undertaking a large scale survey involving our residents.

Housing Surveys to take place in Rother

Ensuring affordable housing is available to meet the District's growing needs and ensuring that existing housing, particularly for those who rent privately, is at an acceptable standard are key challenges for the Council. It is vital that we understand the needs of our residents in order to deliver housing and housing services which meet these challenges into the future. In order to understand housing needs the Council is undertaking a large scale survey involving our residents.

What will the Council do with the findings from the surveys and questionnaires?

The surveys are being undertaken as the first phase of a larger project that will see the development of strategic plans for affordable housing development and private sector housing improvements. For more information on the Council's Housing Policy team and their role please click http://www.rother.gov.uk/housingpolicy. More information on our role in delivering affordable housing can be found http://www.rother.gov.uk/article/9895/Affordable-housing

How and when we will undertake the surveys?

Opinion Research Services (ORS), a reputable research company appointed by the council, will be undertaking the survey work during January and February 2017. The work will take the form of household surveys to a sample of residents across the district. If you are contacted and agree to go ahead with the survey, ORS's surveyors will undertake a visual inspection of your home and conduct a questionnaire with you. The findings from this research will be used to help us understand the condition of housing across the district and the housing needs of our residents, including the types of housing they require and what is affordable for them. This will help us to shape future plans for affordable housing development and look for ways in which poor housing can be improved.

What will the survey be?

We are doing two types of survey. One is a house condition survey. The findings from the house condition surveys will give us important information about the condition of housing in Rother and help us develop improvement plans for the future as part of the Council's Regeneration Strategy. The other survey is a questionnaire about the household's current and future housing needs. Findings from this will help us plan for future affordable housing development in the district, in particular the types of housing required, for example, requirements for affordable rented homes and shared ownership homes.

Who are ORS?

Opinion Research Services (ORS) are a highly respected independent social research practice. More information about the company can be found www.ors.org.uk.

Why have I been picked to be questioned?

We have chosen households to take part in this research using the following criteria:

  • Housing Association Tenants to take part in the housing needs questionnaire - a random sample across the district covering Bexhill, Battle, and Rye, and rural areas;

  • Private sector housing tenants and home-owners to take part in the house condition survey and housing needs survey - a random sample across the district covering Bexhill, Battle, Rye and rural areas.

This means that anyone living in the Rother District may be invited to take part.

Do I have to take part?

You are under no obligation to take part in the survey. However, we do hope that as many of you as possible who are contacted will agree to take part as this will strengthen the findings from the surveys and provide us with the best evidence base to allow us to plan for the future.

How long will the survey take? How long will the questionnaire take?

The length of time spent to do the house condition survey will depend on the type of home you are living in, how many bedrooms you have, how many floors you have etc. A rough guide is 10 minutes for a one bedroom flat; 15 minutes for a 4 bedroom house.

The housing needs questionnaire should take about 10 minutes.

Will my information be kept confidential? Will my answers be confidential?

Your information (name and address) will only be shared with ORS if you agree to take part in the survey. ORS will conduct all surveys and analysis and provide the Council with a report of the findings, including the data. However, all data will be 'cleansed' - in other words, no personal information will be made available to the Council. All of your information will be treated as absolutely confidential under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.

If I have more questions about the surveys, who should I speak to?

You can contact ORS's Freephone number: 0800 107 7890

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