The Council's Constitution is divided into 8 Parts, as shown below.  Each part can be downloaded separately from the table below.

Please note that the Constitution is a "living" document and is subject to amendment and revision on a regular basis.



 The Constitution of
Rother District Council
pdf icon Index [256kb] February 2016

Part 1
pdf icon Summary and Explanation [90kb]

pdf icon Index [60kb]
August 2014

Part 2
pdf icon Articles of the Constitution [236kb] 

pdf icon Index [6kb]

August 2017

Part 3
pdf icon Responsibility for Functions [170kb] 

pdf icon Index [5kb]

August 2017

Part 4
Rules of Procedure


pdf icon Index [5kb]

February 2016
pdf icon Council Procedure Rules [153kb]pdf icon Index [65kb]August 2014
 4-2pdf icon Access to Information Procedure Rules [152kb]pdf icon Index [65kb]October 2014
 4-3pdf icon Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules [57kb]pdf icon Index [5kb]October 2014
 4-4pdf icon Executive Procedure Rules [82kb]pdf icon Index [64kb]October 2014
 4-5pdf icon Overview and Scrutiny procedure Rules [105kb]pdf icon Index [7kb]August 2017
 4-6pdf icon Financial Procedure Rules [364kb]pdf icon Index [13kb]December 2015
 4-7pdf icon Procurement Procedure Rules [533kb]pdf icon Index [88kb]December 2015
 4-8pdf icon Officer Employment Procedure Rules [72kb]pdf icon Index [5kb]January 2016

Part 5
Codes and Protocols


pdf icon Index [60kb]February 2016
 5-1pdf icon Members' Code of Conduct [180kb]pdf icon Index [116kb]Dec 2014
 5-2pdf icon Probity in Planning [279kb]pdf icon Index [7kb]May 2012
 5-3pdf icon Anti-Fraud and Corruption Framework [518kb]pdf icon Index [123kb]January 2016
 5-4pdf icon Protocol on Member/Employee Relations [84kb]pdf icon Index [5kb]January 2016
 5-5pdf icon Member Job Profiles and General Principles [122kb]pdf icon Index [5kb]January 2016
Part 6
pdf icon Members' Allowances Scheme [150kb]

pdf icon Index [111kb]
May 2016
Part 7
pdf icon Management Structure [82kb]

pdf icon Index [82kb]
January 2015
Part 8
pdf icon Delegations to Officers [326kb]

pdf icon Index [112kb]
June 2017
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