Make a Building Regulation Application

You can make a Building Regulation application online.

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Online applications

You can submit full plans, building notice and regularisation certificate applications electronically.

For further details on Building Regulations applications please see below.

Building Regulation applications are subject to the new charging scheme that came into effect on 1 October 2010.

The Building (Local Authority Charges) Regulations 2010 require Local Authorities to set fees payable for their Building Regulation Function. These fees cover any necessary consultations, the checking of plans, all site inspection and the associated administration work.

Standard charges

Standard charges still apply for domestic work and have been extended into non domestic work for projects up to a certain size.

The standard charges for Building Notices are higher than Full Plans applications.

Details of all our fees can be obtained by telephoning the Building Control Office on 01424 787680 or by emailing buildingcontrol@rother.gov.uk


For larger projects, charges will be individually assessed. Following a request for a quotation together with the required information, a written quotation will be provided within two working days, however most quotations will be processed the same day.

Charges for all Regularisation applications will be individually assessed.

Requests can be made to the Building Control Manager on 01424 787670 or by email to buildingcontrol@rother.gov.uk

Full Plans

With a Full Plans application, we will check your plans and advise you of any further information that is required and, once satisfied with the plans, we will issue an approval.

You can submit your application here

Alternatively you can download a Building Regulations Submission form under Related Documents at the bottom of this page. form, ticking the box "Full Plans".

1 set of plans drawn to a suitable scale detailing the proposal and showing sections, layout plans, elevations and a site plan. In addition you will need to specify the form of construction, materials to be used, and supply calculations where necessary.

The Council has 5 weeks from the date of deposit in which to decide the application unless you have agreed, in writing, to extend this period to 2 months. If your application does not have all the necessary information, or does not meet the requirements of the Building Regulations, we will contact you by letter setting out the amendments required. Once we receive these amendments, the application will be considered as complying with the Regulations and

 we will issue a Notice of Passing of Plans. (Approval or Conditional Approval) If it is not possible to agree the necessary amendments, we will have to issue a Notice of Rejection of Plans.

Full Plans procedure is suitable for:

  • Any new buildings
  • Extensions or alterations to any building other than small single storey domestic extensions
  • Extensive internal structural alterations to any building
  • The formation of a room or rooms within a roof

Building work can start 48 hours after deposit of a Full Plans application.

Building Notice

With a Building Notice, the procedure is simpler and detailed drawings are not required at submission, however they may be requested as work progresses.

You can submit your Building Notice here

Please attach a site plan showing the location of buildings and extension and overall dimensions, structural engineer calculations and any further details as necessary

Alternatively you can download a Building Regulations Submission form under Related Documents at the bottom of this page. form, ticking the box "Building Notice".

A Building Notice is suitable for:

  • Internal structural alterations involving the removal of one or two walls
  • Small single storey domestic extension of straight forward simple design
  • Installation of boilers or other heating appliances
  • New chimneys or flues
  • Detached garages, carports, sheds and outbuildings where not exempt from the Building Regulations
  • Insertion of windows in walls or roofs
  • Replacing roof covering material
  • Installation of bathroom, shower or toilet
  • Installation of drainage or connection to sewer
  • Underpinning of foundations
  • Insertion of thermal insulation to existing cavity walls
  • Replacing windows
  • Electrical work in dwellings

Building work can start after 48 hours Notice has been given to the Council. However, the Council may require the submission of plans, calculations and other details as are necessary to establish that the work complies with the Building Regulations. A Notice of Passing of Plans will NOT be issued under this procedure. It is very important to note this fact, as Building Societies, Banks and Solicitors frequently require copies of approval notices and if one is likely to be required, you should use the Full Plans procedure. The Building Notice procedure cannot be used where:-

  1. The building is to be put to a designated use under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order.
  2. A building is be erected over an existing public sewer.
  3. Where the work consists of a new dwelling which fronts an unadopted highway.

Regularisation Certificate

You can submit your Regularisation Certificate here

If alterations or extensions have been undertaken without a Building Regulation application having been submitted, this may cause difficulties when you are trying to sell your property since you will not be able to supply the purchaser with the Appropriate Approval notice and/or Completion Certificate. This raises questions about the building construction and structural integrity of the work, since there has not been an impartial and independent inspection of the works.

You can however apply for a Regularisation Certificate for any works undertaken illegally after 11th November 1985, but you need to be aware that you may be asked to expose, lay open certain sections of the work, or submit plans and calculations to show compliance with the Building Regulations.

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