Replacement windows


Replacement windows

The planning position relating to replacement windows is as follows:

  1. Windows in unlisted dwelling houses can normally be changed to a different design and material without planning permission (permitted development). Normally new windows can be added. The exception to this rule are bay windows fronting onto a highway or footpath which project in front of the dwelling and for dwelling houses where window alterations have been restricted by planning condition.

  2. Windows in dwelling houses which are listed buildings can only be repaired. Any alterations to windows or new windows will require listed building consent.

  3. Windows in flats if being changed to a different design will require planning permission (there are no permitted development rights for flats). Where replacement windows in timber or PVCu would not materially affect the external appearance of the building i.e. they would be accurate like for like copies of what is to be replaced, in operation, design and detail (this relates to any existing sliding sash windows and other existing window designs and details such as mullions and transoms etc), then an application for planning permission will not be required. However, any different opening system, profile or design would require an application for planning permission.

  4. For replacement windows in commercial or industrial properties the same requirements as (3) apply. If replacements are not exact like for like replacement and do materially affect the external appearance of the building then planning permission will be required. Normally alterations to shopfront windows will require planning permission.
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