Classes A3, A4 and A5 Uses

In relation to odour control and environmental impact the Council has adopted the following guidelines for applicants:

A3 use covers restaurants and cafes, A4 use covers pubs and bars and A5 covers take-aways.

These uses have particular environmental impacts

  • highway safety (parking in locations which are harmful to highway safety)

  • noise and general disturbance particularly to residential premises and of unsocial hours

  • smell (from the cooking process)

  • visual intrusion (the external impact of extraction systems)

In order to evaluate a proposal the Council needs a considerable amount of information. An application needs to include, in addition to the normal forms and plans, support information about:

  • the type of food and drink to be sold and consumed and the type of cooking to be undertaken on the premises;

  • the nature of the operation - e.g.. restaurant, take-away - you will need to be precise, if home delivery is intended this should be specified;

  • the ventilation or extraction system which is necessary to satisfy the requirements of the Food Safety or Health and Safety legislation; if none is required you will need to say so; the Director of Services - Environmental Health will be consulted on each application. The Council has stringent requirements for the position of ventilation systems. If these requirements cannot be met the premises may not be considered suitable for the sort of use proposed.

  • the hours of operation.

Detailed advice as to the Council's requirements for ventilation and extraction systems is available from the Planning Division.

If the above information is not submitted with the application it may not be possible to register your application or a decision may be delayed.

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