Does the Council have sites available to rent for grazing purposes?


When can I ride my horse on Bexhill beach?

The current byelaws regarding horse riding on the beach are as follows: "No person shall on the seashore break in any horse or other animal, or ride or drive any horse or other animal in a race or so as to cause danger or annoyance to any person using the seashore".

In view of the fact that more people use Bexhill beach during the summer season, i.e. between Easter and the end of September, there is greater risk of horses causing danger or annoyance to persons using the seashore.  Therefore, horse riders are advised not to take horses onto the sand after 8.30 a.m. or before late evening during this period.  It is also always best to choose the best tide, i.e. low tide.

Horse riding on the beach during the summer season is at the discretion of the Coastal Control Officer at Bexhill and Camber. Call 01424 221407 for the Bexhill Office and 01797 225207 for the Camber Office.

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