How much do you charge for a Section 106 (S.106) agreement?


I have received a bill. How do I dispute it?

Please write to us at Rother District Council, Town Hall, Bexhill on Sea, TN39 3JX explaining all the circumstances, and supply copies of any supporting documents which you think will help.

If we have made a mistake we will get the debt cancelled.

Unfortunately, sometimes people say they do not owe money when they do, and we have a duty to the Council's other customers to make sure monies are collected.

If we still consider the debt is owed, we will generally pursue the matter through the "small claims court" at Hastings.  This gives you an opportunity to fill out a defence form and there would then be an informal hearing before a Judge who would decide who is right.  The form also gives you an opportunity to admit the debt, and offer to pay by instalments.  If we take the matter to the court, various legal and administration costs will be added to the debt and you might find it difficult to get credit.

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