Standards Committee


Standards Committee

District Councillors: S.H. Earl (Chairman), K.P. Dixon and C.J. Saint.
Substitute Councillors: R.K. Bird, K.M. Field and 1 vacancy. 
Independent Persons: Mrs S. Fellows and Mrs J. Gray.
Parish and Town Council Representatives: A. Stainsby and Mrs W.M. Miers 

Scheduled meeting dates
As from May 2017 the Standards Committee will merged with the Audit Committee to form the Audit and Standards Committee.

Functions and Delegations

  • To promote and maintain high standards of conduct by Members and Co-opted Members of the Council.
  • To adopt a Code of Conduct dealing with the conduct expected of Members and Co-opted Members of the Council when acting in that capacity and including provision in respect of the registration and disclosure of a) Pecuniary interest and b) Interests other than pecuniary interests.
  • Power to revise the existing Code of Conduct or adopt a replacement Code of Conduct (see related page on Members' Code of Conduct).
  • To put in place arrangements to investigate and make decisions on written allegations that a Member or Co-opted Member of the Council has failed to comply with the Code of Conduct.
  • To appoint one or more Independent Persons for the following purposes a) to give the Council views on any allegations it has decided to investigate, before a decision is reached; b) at the discretion of the Council, to give the Council views on any other allegations; and c) at the discretion of a Member, Co-opted Member or Member of a Town or Parish Council, to give the Member views on any allegations relating to the behaviour of that Member.
  • Power to have regard to a Member's or Co-opted Member's failure in complying with the Code of Conduct, in deciding whether to take action in relation to that Member and what action to take.
  • Power to make Standing Orders to provide for the exclusion of a Member or Co-opted Member of the Council from a meeting while any discussion or vote takes place in which that person may not participate.
  • Power to grant a Member or Co-opted Member a dispensation from the restriction on speaking and/or voting when any matter in which that person has a disclosable pecuniary interest is to be considered at a meeting of the Council or any of its committees, sub-committees, joint committees or joint sub-committees.
  • Overview of complaints handling and Local Government Ombudsman investigations, including the power to make payments or other benefits in cases of maladministration.
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