Overview and Scrutiny Committee


Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Membership: P.N. Osborne (Chairman), M. Mooney (Vice-Chairman),  J. Barnes, G.S. Browne, C.A. Clark, Mrs D.C. Earl-Williams, S.D. Elford, R.V. Elliston, J.M. Johnson (ex-officio), J. Potts, Mrs S.M. Prochak, G.F. Stevens and M.R. Watson.

Scheduled meeting dates:
2018 - 11 June, 23 July, 10 September, 15 October and 26 November.
2019 - 28 January, 18 March and 29 April.

Functions and Delegations

Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Membership: 12 Non-Executive Members of the Council


Provision and management of cultural, domestic, housing, leisure and recreational activities and facilities.

Food Hygiene, Health and Safety and Licensing.

Crime and Disorder Committee - power to review or scrutinise the decisions or actions of the Safer Rother Partnership.

Review of the provision of education, health and social services by other authorities and agencies.

Economic Growth and Employment.

Regeneration Partnerships.

Tourism Promotion.

Protection and enhancement of the Built and Natural Environment.

Sustainability issues.

Planning and Transport.

Emergency Planning.

Community Help Points/Customers First.

Local democracy and the achievement of effective, transparent and accountable decision making.

Consultation arrangements (except budget consultation arrangements).


Performance Activity

To scrutinise the work of the Executive in developing the Council's corporate strategy and make recommendations with regard to the development of the performance management aspects of corporate strategy and policy.

To monitor the effective delivery of the Council's key plans, policies and strategies and to make recommendations for performance improvement. To consider quarterly performance monitoring reports.

To monitor the Council's obligations to publish performance information and to use such information to drive improvement. To take an overview of the publication of the Council's Annual Report.

To monitor the performance of the Council's significant partnerships including performance against contracts and service level agreements

Finance Activity

To monitor the Council's capital and revenue budgets.

To review and develop the Medium Term Financial Revenue Strategy; the Capital Strategy; the Asset Management Plan; and the Procurement Strategy.

To review and, if necessary, develop the budget consultation process.

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