Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee


Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee

With effect from the 2011/12 Civic Year, the Council merged its former Audit Committee and Improvement and Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee to form the Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Agendas and Minutes relating to the Audit Committee and the Improvement and Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee can be found at the bottom of the page under related pages.

Membership: Councillors M. Mooney (Chairman), Mrs F.M. Winterborn (Vice-Chairman), Mrs M.L. Barnes, G.S. Browne, R.C. Carroll, Mrs B.A. George, I.G.F. Jenkins (ex-officio), B. Kentfield, M.J. Kenward, P.G. Lendon, T. Mansi, C.N. Ramus and J.S. Wood.

Meeting Dates for the current and next Civic Year:
2014 - 27 January, 3 March, 28 April, 23 June, 24 September and 24 November
2015 - 26 January, 2 March and 27 April

Terms of Reference

1. Reporting Authority - Audit Matters

Whilst considering matters under the Audit, Regulatory and Accounting Activity the Committee can report directly to Council, if necessary, and retains independence from Cabinet and the Overview and Scrutiny functions for these activities.

When considering Audit matters, the purpose of the Committee is to provide independent assurance of the adequacy of the risk management framework and the associated control environment, independent scrutiny of the authority's financial and non-financial performance to the extent that it affects the authority's exposure to risk and weakens the control environment, and to oversee the financial reporting process.

1.1 Audit Activity

a) To consider the Head of Audit's annual audit report and opinion, and a summary of internal audit activity.

b) To consider summaries of specific internal audit reports as requested.

c) To consider a report from internal audit on agreed recommendations not implemented within a reasonable timescale.

d) To consider the external auditor's annual letter, relevant reports and the report to those charged with governance.

e) To consider specific reports as agreed with the external auditor.

f) To comment on the scope and depth of external audit work and to ensure it gives value for money.

g) To consider the governance arrangements for the management and monitoring of the Council significant partnerships.

1.2 Regulatory Framework

h) To maintain an overview of the Council's Constitution in respect of contract procedure rules, financial regulations and codes of conduct and behaviour (other than the Code of Conduct for Members).

i) To review any issue referred to it by the Chief Executive or a Director, or any council body.

j) To monitor the effective development and operation of risk management and corporate governance in the council.

k) To monitor council policies on 'Raising Concerns at Work' and the anti-fraud and anti-corruption strategy and the council's complaints process.

l) To oversee the production of the Council's Annual Governance Statement and to recommend its adoption.

m) To consider the council's arrangements for corporate governance and agreeing necessary actions to ensure compliance with best practice,

n) To consider the Council's compliance with its own and other published standards and controls.

1.3 Accounts

o) To review the annual statement of accounts. Specifically to consider whether appropriate accounting policies have been followed and whether there are concerns arising from the financial statements or from the audit that need to be brought to the attention of the Council. To agree the signing of the accounts following the review.

p) Approving the authority's statement of accounts, income and expenditure and balance sheet or records of receipts and payments (as the case may be). (The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 - S.I. 2003/533).

q) To consider the external auditor's report to those charged with governance on issues arising from the audit of the accounts.

2. Reporting Authority - Finance and Performance Matters

Whilst considering matters under Performance and Finance Activity the Committee can only make recommendations to Cabinet and has no decision making authority.

2.1 Performance Activity

r) To scrutinise the work of the Executive in developing the Council's corporate strategy and make recommendations with regard to the development of the performance management aspects of corporate strategy and policy.

s) To monitor the effective delivery of the Council's key plans, policies and strategies and to make recommendations for performance improvement.. To consider quarterly performance monitoring reports.

t) To monitor the Council's obligations to publish performance information and to use such information to drive improvement. To take an overview of the publication of the Council's Annual Report.

u) To monitor the performance of the Council's significant partnerships including performance against contracts and service level agreements

2.2 Finance Activity

v) To monitor the Council's capital and revenue budgets.

w) To review and develop the Medium Term Financial Revenue Strategy; the Capital Strategy; the Asset Management Plan; and the Procurement Strategy.

x) To review and, if necessary, develop the budget consultation process.

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