Dog Control Orders


Dog Control Orders

This whole area of legislation is extremely complex and has been misunderstood by a number of people.


Before 1 July 2008 there were various Byelaws controlling dogs in force throughout Rother, and also Byelaws made by individual Parish Councils in respect of their own grounds. Introduction of Dog Control Orders provided an opportunity to consolidate all these controls and provide a single point of reference for anyone seeking to know where dogs were banned or where they had to clear up after their dog or keep them on a lead.

Under the Fouling of Land by Dogs (Rother District Council) Order 2008, if a dog defecates on land to which the Order applies, the person who is in charge of the dog must remove the faeces forthwith.

pdf icon Dog Control Order (Dog Fouling) [28Mb]

Under the Dog Exclusion (Rother District) Order 2008 the person in charge of dog must not take it onto, or permit it to enter or to remain on any land to which the Order applies.

pdf icon Dog Exclusion Order [21kb]

There are exemptions for blind people with guide dogs and disabled people using trained assistance dogs.

Under the Dogs on Leads (Rother District) Order 2010 the person in charge of a dog must keep the dog on a lead on any land to which the order applies.

pdf icon Dogs on Leads (Rother District) Order 2010 [17kb]

A person who is guilty of an offence under the Orders is liable to a fine of up to £1,000. The Council also issues Fixed Penalty Notices for £75.

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