Questions from 2018


Questions from 2018

In this section you will find questions to the Leader from 2018.

  • Question 13/18

    Q. What is the point of me sorting out all my rubbish each week into the correct bin or box when my glass is put into the large green bin. I've spoken to the men and women and they say the glass collection part of the lorry is not working, this has been going on for over 9 months in our street. Morgan Close TN39 5EQ. When speaking to the lady who was driving the lorry yesterday she said that they contract for the bin was up next March and she didn't think the glass section in lorry was going to be repaired??? When asking then should I place all my glass in green bin she said NO, I could be fined!!!! What a joke as they have been doing this for months so it ok for them and you as a council to mix our waste. My question now is when is this lorry going to be repaired!!!! (08/05/2018)

  • Question 12/18

    Q. Please can you tell me when the cafe at the colonnade is scheduled to reopen? (03/05/2018)

  • Question 11/18

    Q. Love Burwash Day - Thank you for the response but it would be useful to know the date that this particular stretch of the A265 was actually cleaned so that we can determine when we should expect it to be cleaned again. If there is a telephone number and a name of department that I can contact I could find this myself but this information does not seem to be available on the website. (25/04/2018)

  • Question 10/18

    Q. Love Burwash Day

  • Question 09/18

    Q. I am a Bexhill resident, a responsible dog owner and a grandfather, who enjoys OUR public park (Egerton Park) all year round.

  • Question 08/18

    Q. The Council Tax bill shows a no less than 11.3% increase in the costs of Rye Town Council. Whereas apart from the police, the increase is 3% or less in line with inflation. Presumably this is approved by the 'real' local authority for this area, yours. If we really must have this purely ceremonial body which is currently paid for at £100 a year per Band D property, cannot it be self-funding? I.e. those who want it pay for it. I can see the attraction of a town crier, meeting rooms, etc but these can be operated on a commercial basis. Otherwise there is absolutely no impact on our lives. Personally I would abolish the Council as a completely outdated concept, and unnecessary waste of money but I know some local people love dressing up, throwing hot pennies, etc. Comical, really, but let them pay for it. At the very least, cut the increase to 3%. What does the Leader think? Thank you. (20/03/2018)

  • Question 07/18

    Q. I was wondering why the verges of Sussex country roads are only ever cut back but *NEVER!* cleaned of the rubbish (and every county in my experience). So, so many of the A and B roads (not so much the less travelled C roads, thankfully) verges are covered in so much litter that in some places you can't go more than a meter or two before the next plastic this or paper that and every other unwanted item SOME car occupants throw out carelessly. Is there a valid reason why there are no litter pickers to clean up the county's road sides? (people on community service perhaps? )

  • Question 06/18

    Q. Why has £10,000 been allocated to celebrate Prince Harry's wedding when many other things are much more important? Helping to house or give night shelter to the homeless I see sleeping out in freezing conditions, surely would be a benefit to all the community! Or funding the excellent Roaring Twenties celebration in July which many hundreds of people enjoy, and bringing in much needed revenue to the town? If people want to celebrate the Royal Wedding they can, why do the rate payers have to subsidise them? (25/02/2018)

  • Question 05/18

    Q. Hello, I have just watched a news item on Meridian TV tonight, and am deeply upset as to why a legally parked camper is likely to be victimised by Either for parking overnight. I have lived in Bexhill for 30 years and have watched the area especially Bexhill go down hill and become uncared for. My main point at this moment in time is the amount of illegally parked vehicles in and around the town, at any time of the day and night, they are parked on the pavement, on double yellow lines, on the corners of the streets. They are a danger to other vehicles and pedestrians, yet day after day nothing is done about them, that's why I am baffled that the council is thinking of taking action against a couple living in their camper not causing any problems. I hope you find time to respond. (15/01/2018)

  • Question 04/18

    Q. I was hoping that RDC were going to improve the recycling process in Rye. The Gibbet Marsh car park recycling centre is now overflowing with rubbish strewn across the car park. The clothes bank is falling apart and fly tipping is a daily occurrence. Why hasn't the Jempsons recycling centre been replaced? Why don't RDC pursue fly tipping? I have had lame excuses from your Team Leader that it's difficult to find the culprits. Why not use social media to expose them on Facebook - photos, evidence? Isn't it about time RDC were being proactive rather than just clearing away rubbish without investigating it? The site on Gibbet Marsh is a disgusting dump in the middle of a Historic town. I have sent many photos to your Customer Services. (17/01/2018)

  • Question 03/18

    Q. I understood RDC had a group looking at the pros and cons of Civil Parking Enforcement. However, whoever in RDC briefed Transport Planning Associates in August 2017 appears to know the decision has already been made; the Camber Traffic and Parking report dated October 2017 includes the statement : "Once Civil Parking Enforcement is in place ..." What's going on? (13/01/2018)

  • Question 02/18

    Q. I note that you chaired the Byelaws Working Group meeting 22 March 2010 when the minutes record: In the minutes of the Byelaws Working Group meeting 22 March 2010 it was recorded: "It was suggested that a feasibility study be undertaken to extend the promenade from Richmond Road to Cooden". As I have been unable to find any later records on this subject, I would be grateful if you could let me know the outcome. (11/01/2018)

  • Question 01/18

    Q. With astonishment I read you have decided against 93% of Bexhill voters in the recent vote, denying the wishes of such a majority. In a less civilised country this would have resulted in rebellion. I will work hard to persuade locals to vote against the Conservative party at the next opportunity and look forward to you leaving office, along with your colleagues. Worst Wishes for Christmas. (21/12/2017)

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