Stay safe this Christmas - use a licensed taxi


Stay safe this Christmas - use a licensed taxi

Residents in Rother are being urged to check their taxi before accepting a ride this Christmas - and ensure they only travel with a licensed operator.

Rother District Council has launched its annual campaign to raise awareness of unlicensed taxi drivers - who may be driving unsafe or uninsured vehicles - plying for trade in the district.

People are encouraged to check before getting into a taxi that it bears the identification markings showing it is operating legally and that the driver carries their official identity badge.

All licensed taxis are subject to annual insurance checks and a full twice-yearly mechanical inspection, while drivers must pass regular medical and criminal record checks.

The campaign, which runs every year in the run-up to Christmas, is being promoted through posters bearing the slogan No badge, no plate = No ride.

Cllr Chris Saint, chairman of the council's licensing and general purposes committee, said: "Christmas is a busy time of year for taxis as people are out and about visiting friends and loved-ones.

"While it's a good idea to let the taxi take the strain if you're having a few Christmas drinks, people should resist the urge to jump in the first taxi they see.

"Unlicensed taxis, which haven't been through the thorough checks legal operators must submit to, put the safety of passengers at risk and deprive bona-fide cabbies of their livelihood.

"By taking a few seconds to have a quick check that their taxi and driver are properly licensed, people can make sure they stay safe this Christmas while supporting legitimate local taxi firms."

Information and advice on taxi licensing and how to recognise a properly licensed vehicle is available at

Would you know how to spot a licensed taxi?

Hackney carriages (can be hailed in the street):
- Display a white roof sign, white licence badges on both rear doors and a white licence plate on the rear of the vehicle
- Have a meter which is activated as the driver pulls away and a copy of the council's tariff card must be on display

Private hire vehicles (must be pre-booked):
- Display yellow licence badges on the rear doors and a yellow licence plate on the rear of the vehicle

For both types of taxi:
- Rear licence plates carry the vehicle registration number, licence expiry date and number of passengers the vehicle is licensed to carry
- Licensed drivers are issued with a photographic identification badge which must be clearly visible on their person or displayed in the front windscreen

Published on Tuesday, December 12 2017

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