Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

New questions and answers are added at the top of the page as the consultation progresses.

Why are you only quoting £169.32, when I pay about that much in one month?  What about the rest of the Council Tax bill?

We are only consulting on the amount of your Council Tax bill that comes to Rother District Council.  The rest of your bill goes to other organisations and they carry out their own consultations on their own budgets.  You can read more information at Council Tax 2016/17 .


What is the charge for the each of the Bands?

The charges, rounded to two decimal places, are in the table below.  The table shows that all the calculations are based on Band D.  For example, Band A is six ninths of Band D and Band H is eighteen ninths of Band D.  We have given the proposed amount for Rother District Council for the full year.   

Council Tax Proposed Changes for each Band

Council Tax Band

  Ratio to Band D

 Proposed Annual Total

going to RDC in 2017/18 

  Proposed Annual

Increase in 2017/18

Band A




Band B




Band C




Band D




Band E




Band F




Band G




Band H





If East Sussex County Council get so much of the Council Tax, why doesn't Rother just give them less, or keep more of the Council Tax for Rother?

Rother District Council collects the money owed for Council Tax on behalf of all the organisations who are precepting authorities.  Instead of getting several bills to pay from different organisations, which isn't very efficient, you just get one bill and deal with one organisation.  A precepting authority is entitled to money from the Council Tax.  The amount they ask for is set through consulting with local people and agreeing priorities, and then they provide services in Rother for Rother residents or visitors.  RDC can't refuse to give them the money they are legally entitled to get.  To take part in consultations on East Sussex County Council's budget go here:


Council Tax Bands:  Can the Council change them?  Can the Council add a new band at the top? 

Council Tax bands are not in the Council's control.  Council Tax bands are decided by central Government.  The Council cannot change the proportion of charges in each band and we have no power to add more top level bands. 


Which services are offered by Rother District Council?

These are the main services:

  • Waste and recycling collection
  • Street cleaning and litter bins
  • Planning services, including development management, strategy, planning enforcement, etc.
  • Environmental health services including food safety, health and safety, reducing pollution and licensing
  • Beaches, foreshores and seafronts, green spaces, parks and playgrounds
  • Leisure centres and swimming pools
  • Helping the homeless and those at risk of homelessness
  • Supporting the development of affordable housing
  • Providing housing benefit and a Council Tax reduction scheme for low income households
  • Public conveniences
  • Supporting tourism, economic development and regeneration
  • Supporting leisure, arts, sports and cultural activities, including local museums
  • Car parks
  • Reducing crime and anti-social behaviour and environmental crime
  • Collecting Council Tax and local business rates

For education, social services, libraries and highways and footpaths you need to refer to East Sussex County Council.

Can the Council raise Council Tax by more than £5?

No, the Government has put a cap on how much Council can put up the Council Tax.  If the Council wishes to raise the Council Tax by more than £5 the rules are that the Council has to run a local referendum.  All local registered voters would be able to vote on whether or not to raise the Council Tax.  This is expensive and would be paid for by the Council.   The amount raised would not be a lot more money than the cost of the referendum.  The Council has already said that it doesn't want to hold a referendum and for these reasons.

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