Further information


Further information

Our preferred option

The Council's preferred option is to fill some of the funding gap by increasing the Council Tax by £5 for a Band D property. That amount will be less than £5 for lower band properties and more than £5 for higher band properties.

Raising the Council Tax by an average of £5 will increase the Council's income by £184,000.

We want to protect your services

Council Tax goes into our revenue budget. Our revenue budget concerns the costs of delivering our day-to-day operations such as waste collection, street cleaning, leisure, planning and many more services. The budget covers the costs we incur in delivering these services such as staff, buildings, contractors and other operating costs.

We have Capital budgets, used to fund major projects and investments plus equipment such as aids and adaptations to the homes of disabled residents.

Why is there a funding gap?

Since 2011, the Government has cut its grant to Rother District Council by a total of £5.4 million. Now, most of the Council's services are paid from Council Tax, a small portion of the business rates we collect, other fees we charge and income that we generate.

The Government told us the 2017/18 general grant will be cut by £620,000.

In 2016/17, the Government general grant was £1.073 million. This means the Council's general grant in 2017/18 will be just £450,000. By 2020 the Government will not pay us any general grant.

We expect a shortfall in our income over the next five years of nearly £3.7million. This calculation takes into account other changes to our spending and income generated from other sources. The annual funding gap is in the chart below.

Chart with budget gap 2017 to 2021 [image] Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

More detailed information on the Council's finances can be read in our draft pdf icon Medium Term Financial Strategy [227kb]

Our pdf icon Sustainability and Efficiency Plan [201kb] sets out how we will decide which services to prioritise and how lower priority services might be delivered over the next three years .


We collect your Council Tax but only keep some of it

The Council's share of the overall Council Tax for the Rother area is around £6million (10%) of the total £60 million we collect. The rest (£54m) goes to East Sussex County Council, the police, the fire services and the parish and town councils.

We are only consulting on the part of the Council Tax that comes to Rother District Council. The Council collects the Tax on behalf of all the precepting authorities (East Sussex County Council, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, East Sussex Fire Authority, town and parish councils). If you wish to see what those organisations propose, please go to their websites:

https://www.eastsussex.gov.uk/ and https://www.eastsussex.gov.uk/yourcouncil/finance/budget/



Last year you told us

When we consulted the public and businesses for the 2016/17 Budget, you told us you were prepared to see Council Tax go up because you wanted to keep local services. For 2016/17 we increased Rother District Council's part of the Council Tax by 1.94% to Band D to £164.32. You can read about the consultation and what people told us on the consultation website .

We have also taken account of your views about what's important to you into developing the Council's pdf icon Sustainability and Efficiency Plan [201kb]. This includes deciding which services we will be prioritising over the next three years and looking at how the services with a lower priority might be delivered in future.

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