The Electoral Register and Credit


The Electoral Register and Credit

Your Credit Rating and the Electoral Register

Your credit score is usually better if you are on the electoral register

Credit reference agencies can buy the Electoral Register and use the information on it give you a credit score.

Only credit reference agencies can buy the full register.

If you have "opted out" of the Open Register, and search for yourself doing an online credit search- you may not find yourself as you will have protected your information.

You can opt in or out of the Open Register at any time, and you can Register to Vote at any time

How quickly your details will be updated:

When a Credit Reference agency buys the Electoral Register they can ask for monthly updates. The monthly updates include a list of people who have joined the register, left the register or changed their name. We send the update at the start of each month between January and September.

When you register to vote it takes about a month for the credit company to get your details on their updated list. The company might not update their records straight away.  Your Electoral Services team have no control over how quickly they update their records.

If your credit company says you are not on the register, and we confirm that you are:

  • Make sure that the name they are looking for is exactly the same as the name you gave when you registered to vote.
  • If you live in a house with a name instead of a number make sure that they are using the address as it is shown on the electoral register.

Electoral Services are not responsible for how credit reference agencies use your data, and you should contact them directly if you have any concerns over how they use your data. We will not contact credit reference agencies on your behalf, but we will, on payment of a fee of £15, write you a letter confirming that you are currently on the electoral register. Use the contact form below for further enquiries.


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