Postal vote reminder for residents


Postal vote reminder for residents

Residents voting by post in areas where parish council elections are planned are being reminded that they will receive additional ballot papers.

Those registered to vote by post are currently receiving their ballot papers for the district and general election in one envelope. The ballot papers for the parliamentary elections are white and those for the district election are yellow.

A second envelope containing ballot papers is being delivered separately to those households electing representatives for town and parish councils. These ballot papers are green.

"We are urging residents to make sure all ballot papers delivered to their homes are filled out and returned," said Malcolm Johnston, executive director for Rother District Council. "If you are unsure of the elections taking place in your town or village, you can check online."

To find out what elections are taking place on Thursday, May 7 and the candidates standing visit




Published on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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