What is Rother Citizens Panel and Who Can Join?


What is Rother Citizens Panel and Who Can Join?

Read more about the Panel and what they do.

What is Rother Citizens Panel and Who Can Join?

The Panel is a database of local residents who volunteer to take part in consultations and customer research. The members tell the Council a bit about themselves and give permission to the Council to contact them. The Council tells the members what people have said in the consultations, any results and further progress.

If you would like to join Rother Citizens Panel, you must live in the Rother district in East Sussex.

You cannot be an elected member of Rother District Council.  There are no other restrictions.

To apply please email citizenspanel@rother.gov.uk

We are currently recruiting Rother residents. We are recruiting:

  • residents who do not live in Bexhill
  • people aged under 50
  • people aged over 80
  • people from backgrounds other than white British

because we have fewer of these groups of people on the Panel than there are in Rother's population.

We are discouraging applications from people aged 50 to 79 because they are age groups over-represented on the Panel.  This will change if we can recruit more people in the other age groups.  If you are in those age groups and still wish to apply, you are welcome to do so but you may be placed on a waiting list.  Exceptions may be made if you are in one of the other target groups for recruitment.

Why should I join the Rother Citizens' Panel?

To have your say, share the information that you have, to get across your ideas and to influence local decisions with the local decision-makers.

Does the Council only talk to the Rother Citizens Panel?

We consult and do customer research with people and organisations other than the Panel. It depends on the subject. Most consultations or customer research includes all or part of the Panel's membership.

What will I be expected to do?

You will be invited to take part in online surveys or telephone interviews. Very occasionally, you might be asked to a discussion group or a workshop. The Council tries to make sure that there is little or no cost to you to take part. It doesn't take up a lot of your time. It is still your choice whether or not (or how much) you participate in individual exercises. However, we assume that because you volunteered to join the Panel you want to get information on new opportunities.

Why do you ask for personal information?

The registration form asks for some personal information. Obviously, we need your contact information so that we can let you know about new opportunities. We use some of the information to make sure we consult with you on issues likely to be relevant to you. In addition, we need to make sure that the Citizens Panel matches the range of different people and populations of Rother, to keep it representative.

How do you provide for people with disabilities?

The Panel is open to everybody. We ask you to let us know about anything that might be a barrier to you taking part when you fill out our registration form. We always provide letters and questionnaires in large print and in electronic versions. We can provide audio and Braille versions for people with sight problems or by email or on a CD. Help can be arranged for residents who require other assistance. We hold discussion groups at places that are accessible to people with disabilities.

Online Panel

Join our Facebook group to follow consultations and get up to date news.  Search Rother Citizens Panel.  This is a closed group and only the membership can post.  As a closed group you request to join and are then cleared by a group administrator. Go to  https://www.facebook.com/groups/rothercitizenspanel/?fref=ts

Follow us on Twitter @RDCconsult https://twitter.com/RDCconsult

Any Questions?

If you have any other questions please contact the organisers of the Rother Citizens' Panel:

Telephone: Joanne Wright, Policy Officer on 01424 787816 or Marie Kennedy, Policy Assistant on 01424 787864

Email: citizenspanel@rother.gov.uk

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