Healthy environment


Healthy environment

To ensure your environment contributes to a healthy workplace you must provide adequate lighting, ventilation, heating an cleanliness.

You must also make extra provision is your staff work outdoors.


You must ensure you have:

  • Good light - use natural light where possible but try to avoid glare
  • A good level of local lighting at workstations where necessary
  • Suitable forms of emergency lighting
  • Well-lit stairs and corridors
  • Well-lit outside areas - for pedestrians and to help with work activities such as loading/unloading at night


You must ensure you have a sufficient supply of fresh, clean air drawn from outside or a ventilation system


You must ensure you have

  • A reasonable working temperature within workplaces inside buildings (usually at least 16 °C, or 13 °C for strenuous work, unless it is impractical to do so, e.g. in the food industry)
  • Local heating or cooling where a comfortable temperature cannot be maintained throughout each workroom (e.g. hot and cold processes)
  • Systems which do not give off dangerous or offensive levels of fume into the workplace


You must:

  • Provide clean floors and stairs, with effective drainage where necessary
  • Provide clean premises, furniture and fittings
  • Provide containers for waste materials
  • Remove dirt, refuse and trade waste regularly
  • Clear up spillages promptly
  • Keep internal walls or ceilings clean

Working outdoors

You must provide protection against the weather, temperature (both hot and cold) and sun exposure.

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