Producing a safety policy


Producing a safety policy

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires all employers to have a safety policy. Where you employ five or more people this policy must be written.

A Safety Policy details how an employer will promote and manage safety and health in the workplace. It can be considered in three parts:

Policy statement

A simple statement that demonstrates the employers commitment to providing as safe and health a workplace as is reasonably possible. It should also enlist the support of employees to deliver these aims.


This sections details who is responsible for what. Overall responsibility will always remain with the employer, whether a sole trader, partnership or limited company. However, the employer can delegate many of the day to day management functions to managers and supervisors. Employee responsibilities to co-operate and not interfere with anything provided for their safety and health should also be detailed.


These are the detailed procedures, systems and rules that help to create a healthy workplace. They will often be guided by the findings of risk assessments already carried out.

You should review your health and safety policy from time to time and update it to take account of changes in the workplace, activities or law. Most employers do this annually and record the details of the review to demonstrate good practice.

A template safety policy can be downloaded from the HSE's Example Risk Assessments page.

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